Alicia J Rose Biography

Director. Photographer. Storyteller. 

Known for her slyly subversive pop portraiture and a natural ability to tap into cultural zeitgeist, Director/Photographer Alicia J. Rose has directed inventive music videos for popular national artists like First Aid Kit, Cake, EMA and Bob Mould as well as playing a key role in branding Pacific NW bands like The Decemberists,  Menomena and others with her iconic portraiture.  Rose has directed over 30 music videos, numerous commercials and branded video projects, and is an award-winning still photographer who spent 20 years in the indie music business running marketing/sales departments and booking music venues before turning her eye to filmmaking in 2008. Her approach to motion utilizes her unique sense of visual style, grounded humor and storytelling to deliver authentic narratives that resonate deeply with viewers.  


The scripted comedic web series The Benefits of Gusbandry is her first foray into digital episodic storytelling and over its 9 episodes has received wide acclaim from press outlets like The New York Times, A/V Club, PASTE, OUT and others. - even landing on the "Must List" of Entertainment Weekly.  The Benefits of Gusbandry has toured the festival circuit in the US over its 2 season run - screening twice at the Portland Film Festival, New Orleans Film Festival, Atlanta Film Festival, NW Filmmakers Festival, Miami Web Fest, Nashville Film Festival, Seattle’s Local Sightings Film Festival and even earning a nomination as finalist in the Austin Film Festival web series competition. Rose is currently in development on future seasons of Gusbandry as well as multiple TV and feature projects.

Rose was recently featured on Free The Bid  and selected as a semifinalist in HBOACCESS’s 2018 directing fellowship

Rose is also an accordion player and singer that recorded under the moniker Miss Murgatroid from 1990-2008.  She currently writes and performs in Portland Oregon.

Bio Photo by Jason Quigley


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